Counselor Care

Echo Counselors range from matriculating college student to experienced education based veterans.  We encourage our counselors to develop sincere relationships with each student that they are assigned to and establish positive relationships.  Each counselor is energetic and eager to serve each participant.  Counselors must complete a full background check and they have all been cleared to work with minors.  All counselors are encouraged to think outside of the box to develop specific programming for their classes according to the theme of the week.  

Thematic Weeks

The Echo Extended Day Program seeks to expose students to the possibility of learning new information and creating positive memories through education.  We believe that thematic weeks boost a students love for learning and aptitude in various subjects.  Themed weeks will often have a culminating event on Fun Friday's!

Homework Segments

Each day, students will have a homework segment during Echo.  Whether its during first period or second period, students in 2nd grade and above will have an opportunity to complete their homework.  If your student is in K5 or 1st grade and needs time alloted for homework, please inform us at your conveninece.

Guest Vendors

The Extended Day Program invites certified and licensed vendors to populate our list of offered courses during the afternoon.  We are excited about the diversity of program offerings and we look forward to creating more opportunities for the students.  Vendors who request payments for service are not charged for utilizing our building in order to keep cost as low as possible to encourage student participation.

Activity Segments

Whether the temperature is warm or cold, students will be encouraged and challenged to participate in a game that requires physical activity daily.   We believe that physical education is an important aspect in a students physical and social development.

Safety Procedures

All building doors are locked throughout the school day and during the Echo program.  There is a school official that will open the door for all visitors.

Echo operates on a Walkie-Talkie system that allows each leader and counselor to communicate quickly and effectively especially in the event of an emergency.  There are security officers and unmarked officers in the building at all times.  door for any visitor.  Each visitor must sign in upon arrival and must be on the student's "Pick-Up List" in order to sign them out of school and Echo.  We will not release a student to an adult who is not on their "Pick-Up List".  

There are fire escape plans behind every classroom door and students practice evacuating the building often.