Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child do if he/she is not participate in a specialty?
Children who have not selected a specialty course will remain under the leadership of their counselor.  The students will have the opportunity to participate in a homework segment and/or an activity segment during period one and two. 

What time does ECHO begin?
The ECHO Program begins at 6:45 am for before-care and 3:15 pm for after-care.

What is difference between Echo and Aftercare?
ECHO is a period based program that invites outside vendors to share their expertise with our students.  ECHO is aftercare times 3!

What are the experience of the Specialty Teachers?
All Specialty teachers have the appropriate license and insurance to operate in the our facilities.  The majority of the companies associated with ECHO have been in operation for more than 10 years.  If more information is needed, please email us at or peruse their websites on our Vendors page. 

What happens in the case of Inclement Weather?
If inclement weather is in the forecast, a phone message, an email, and a text message will be sent to all families.  If ECHO is canceled, we will diligently determine make up dates for all classes missed.  

What happens if I miss a classes due to an appointment or external scheduling conflicts?
All classes require an upfront payment, therefore, if you miss a class it is nonrefundable. 

Can I enroll enroll in more than one specialty?
Yes, absolutely! Be mindful of what time each class starts and ensure that classes are not overlapping.  

What is the refund policy for specialties?
If you child attends the first day of a specialty and is no longer interested, you are entitled a full refund or you may reroute your fee towards your students voucher account or tuition.  

How do I file complaints?
You may send all complaints to and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

What is the discipline policy?
If a student:
  • fights with another student or provokes a fight between students
  • uses inappropriate language, behavior, or gestures
  • is disrespectful to ECHO staff or ECHO leadership
  • is bullying or harrassing another student verbally, through email, by phone or text message
  • damages school/church property
  • leaves class or school grounds without permission
  • sets off  a fire alarm, discharges, or destroys a fire extinguisher 
  • possesses, distributes, or attempts to use illegal drugs or shares prescription drugs with another student
  • participates in reckless play or behavior
they will be suspended from the ECHO program immediately and may only reinstated after a parent/Coordinator conference.  There are some actions that warrant an immediate dismissal without the possibility of returning.  The Coordinator maintains the final say in a students return to ECHO after being displaced.  The decision of the Coordinator can be discussed with the Head of School or School President, however, if a student is ejected, the saftey of others is most important and in some cases, the suggestion of the Coordinator is heavily considered.   For most instances, grace is applied and an ECHO Note is created and sent home to the parent. 

What is the transition process between the end of school and Echo consist of?
Students normally stay in their classrooms with their teachers and play with their peers until 3:10 pm.  Their teachers  escort them to the Vineyard Cafe' where they have assigned seating.  They remain in their assigned seats until their ECHO Counselor escorts them to their afternoon classroom (which may be a different classroom than they have during the day).

What is the vending machine policy?
Students may use the vending machine starting at 3:15 pm daily.  Do not allow your student to bring excessive amounts of money.  Please the amount of a students cash minimal to prevent loss or theft.  

What happens to my child if he/she is not picked up by 6:00 pm?
There is a $4.00 per minute charge for students who are not picked up on time.  Parents will be asked to sign a separate sheet after 6:00 pm.  

What is the explanation of specialty fees vs. Echo fees?
ECHO fees are $6.00 per hour and start at 3:15 pm.  Specialty fees are class specific.  The specialties range from $20.00 to $160.00.  Specialty fees are in addition to the ECHO fees.

Can non-Woodstream students attend the Echo program?
No, all students must attend Woodstream Christian Academy in order to be eligible for ECHO.  

What are the various clubs associated with the Echo Program?
Currently, ECHO only offers the Craft Club.  We are expecting the inception of more club opportunities in the future.

What number do I call to reach the Echo Program?
Please call ahead and we'll attempt to have your student ready when you arrive.  

What is the afternoon schedule for Echo participants?
Period 1 - Homework/Activity Segment - 3:25 pm to 4:25 pm
Period 2 - Homework/Activity Segment - 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Period 3 - Cool Down Segment - 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Some students may have an activity during first period and will have a homework segment during Period 2.  Parents are free to alter the afternoon schedule of their student.