Who We Are

The Echo Extended Day Program serves as the after school program for Woodstream Christian Academy students in Kindergarten (K5) through 8th grade.

The mission of the Echo Program is to expose students to new academic, recreational, and social activities as an extension of the knowledge acquired during the school day.  

The vision of the program is to open a world of educational opportunity to our students in hopes of joining in God's ultimate plan for each child.

The Echo Extended Day Program is a robust before-care and aftercare program which provides breakfast opportunities between 6:45 am and 8:00 am and offers an assortment of programs between the hours of 3:15 pm and 6:00 pm.  The hourly rate per student is $6.00 per hour.  The breakfast menu varies daily and prices for each item also vary.  Please inquire with in.

What We Do

The Echo Program seeks to extend the educational day through various educationally based activities in the afternoon.  The program selects companies and independent vendors who are certified to develop skills that compliment the education received during the regular school day. 

Soccer Shots, Cyber 3 Clubs, and Maryland Cheer Chargers are a few of the companies that Echo has invited to offer specialty

courses and help the Echo Program progress towards its vision and mission.  

We offer two periods per afternoon, Monday through Friday, that are 1 hour in length.  Period One starts at 3:25 pm and Period Two starts at 4:30 pm (with some exceptions).  Parents will have the option of selecting one specialty course per period, per day.  Some specialty courses meet twice a week.  Please be advised that each specialty has its own associated cost

Students who have not found a specialty that interests them will have an opportunity to complete their homework and enjoy collaborative recreation with their fellow peers.

Each week all Echo participants will participate in discussions and activities that are motivated by the theme of the week.  The themes may have a culminating event associated with them or may require them to bring in a item from home.  

Why Choose Us

If you are interested in advancing the academic and social skill base of your student(s), the Echo Program is a great option for your family.  The Program offers a flexible schedule that caters to the work schedule of parents.